Pitch Contests for Writers

In February, I entered #PitMad and #PitchMadness Mario Kart edition. So far, in March, I’ve entered #SonofaPitch and #Pit2Pub.

If you have a polished manuscript ready for submission, Twitter pitch contests are a great way to connect with other writers, find craft and publishing resources, and learn more about what agents and editors are looking for. (Also check #MSWL for that.) During the waiting periods for some contests, participants post questions, games, and links. Some people even find critique partners this way, or swap query letters for feedback. Agents, editors, and other authors tweet a lot of useful information under the pitch hashtag.

Twitter contests can hook you up with a mentor who will help you revise your MS, or get your work in front of editors and agents. I have a number of friends who found agents through pitch contests, and this latest round of Pitch Madness seems to have resulted in lots of requests for the first round winners.

Another benefit I’ve found is that these opportunities make me more comfortable with putting my work out there. Nothing like tweeting a pitch for ALL of your followers to see to help you get over the fear of declaring what you’re writing! And spreading my attention across so many different forms of pitching—Twitter contests, query letters, in-person pitch sessions at conferences—keeps me from obsessing about any particular one. The eggs are in multiple baskets, and I still have a long list of agents to query. If I need to, I’ll revise my materials. It’s a long game. (Thinking about it like a game helps, too.) I’m prepared to be patient, and in the meantime, I’m continuing to work on the many other projects on my WIP list.

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