A to Z Challenge: C is for Check-In: March 2016 Writing Recap

 Every month I do a recap of how the writing went the previous month. I did some traveling in March (Los Angeles vacation and a writing conference in NJ) that, combined with stupid Daylight Savings Time, left me feeling kind of tired the entire month. (I’m also incapable of sleeping in, so if I go to bed late, that’s it.)

Still, I managed to make progress on all fronts!

Venus: After receiving editor feedback on the first pages, I made a few changes to the first chapters. I’m trying to to force myself to stop looking at it.

Next step: Prep remaining stories in the series.

SP: I completed the first draft of the novella (in something like 4 writing sessions, total). I don’t know what I’m going to do with it, but I have a couple betas lined up. It was totally out of my comfort zone, but I wanted to challenge myself to outline a novella and stick to the word count, and to write in a genre that was new for me.

Next step: send to beta readers.

H&S: After some time away from it, I spliced up the draft YET AGAIN to get it closer to the story I originally set out to tell. I sent the current incarnation to my RWchat writing buddies and talked out the plot with them via Google Hangout. It’s…coming together? I love this story and these characters, but I’m feeling kind of stuck with revising it.

Next step: follow Rachel Aaron’s editing prep guidelines, taking my time with the process.

Landscapes: I sent the 2nd 10k-words to my critique group. Despite getting a lukewarm reception in February, a few people told me they were happy to see that I was workshopping more of this one. I got useful feedback for making it stronger, and a more positive reception. It needs revisions, for sure, since I made some new framework decisions mid-2nd draft. But for a while I considered this one a lost cause, and it’s not.

Next step: same as with H&S, take the time to do the editing prep so revisions are more streamlined.

If you’re working on any projects, writing or otherwise, take a moment to look back over your progress last month and figure out your next steps going forward. Breaking big projects down into manageable chunks makes them feel more doable, and less stressful. How are your current writing WIPs coming along?

2 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: C is for Check-In: March 2016 Writing Recap

  1. Your check in reminds me I have to do just that in a couple days for the ROW80 writing challenge I’m doing. I need to get on that!

    Looks like you made great project despite the daylight savings time monster. 😀 I hope this month is just as productive for you!

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