July 2016 Writing Recap

Writing Recap pinkJuly was Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m usually less successful with the July session than April, due to vacations and such, but this year I stayed off airplanes and focused on writing. (I still managed some long weekends out of town, but I brought the laptop.) All in all, it was a highly productive month, and I even scheduled in a few days of downtime, to catch up on beta reading and not burn out.

In the June recap I mentioned an opportunity to submit a proposal. Writing a proposal was totally different than my usual method of barreling through the first draft before editing, and it made me extra glad that I spent so much of the last year and a half practicing outline techniques. After writing the initial outline for Project Stone Cold, I mapped it onto the beats in Gwen Hayes’ ebook Romancing the Beat. From there, I was able to develop a long synopsis. I got feedback, added another 5,000 words, polished the hell out of the first three chapters, and even paid an editor friend to look over the whole proposal package. She told me to stop tinkering and send it, so I did.

I spent the second half of the month on the next draft of Project Supergirls, adding 10,000 words—mostly world-building—and a round of line edits. I also polished the query and synopsis, and did a brief series synopsis, just in case. I really thought (hoped) I was done with that one, but early beta reader feedback indicates I still have more to add. Aiming for another 9,000–14,000 words. So much for my plan to outline and write a short novella! (The original outline aimed for 12,000-15,000 words total. Now I’m looking at 35,000–40,000.)

Next steps: I’m going to let the novella sit for a bit while I work on revising other WIPs.

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