October 2016 Writing Recap

Writing Recap pinkWhoa, I haven’t done a writing recap since July! It makes sense, though. I spent August and September struggling to revise Project Duke’s Underpants and Project Wolf Baby. During that time, I realized a couple key things: 1) I don’t want to work on a historical series right now, and 2) I need to rewrite Project Wolf Baby from the beginning.

I’ve been fighting this realization for a while. I’ve written and re-written probably 150,000 words toward Project Wolf Baby over the past two years, so the thought of rewriting the whole thing from scratch is a daunting one. Maybe I’ll be able to grab scenes from what I’ve already written, but for now, I know the truth: I have to start over. It’s scary and anxiety-inducing, but I’m a better writer than I was even two years ago, and this time I’ll start with a detailed outline.

As for Project Duke’s Underpants, I’m not feeling enthusiastic about working on a historical right now (or building it into a four book series, as planned), so I’m keeping that on the back burner.

On October 1st, I decided I couldn’t keep wasting time on these projects that were frustrating me and not going anywhere. During October, I added 35,000 words to Project Stone Cold. I also received great feedback from my CPs, so I’m making adjustments.

Next steps: It’s NaNoWriMo now, and the third year in a row I’m being a “NaNo Rebel” and working on an existing project. Aiming to finish up Project Stone Cold early in the month, and if I have time, maybe write a 5k short for an upcoming anthology and crank out the scenes I want to add to Project Supergirls.

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