Holiday Inn Live


Holiday Inn at Studio 54

I always forget how energizing live theater is. Since I live in New York City, it’s easy to put off going to shows, because they’re always available to me. I fall into the habit of saying, “Oh, I’ll try to go later,” because it’s cold or I feel tired. And that’s how I end up missing shows.

Holiday Inn is playing at Roundabout Theater at Studio 54. The last show is January 15th. I heard it was good, and after I found out Bryce Pinkham (A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder) was the lead with Corbin Bleu (of High School Musical fame), I knew I had to see it. Pinkham was phenomenal in A Gentleman’s Guide and Bleu was amazing on Dancing with the Stars. Since it was the last weekend, I bit the bullet and purchased a ticket for the second-to-last day through the box office. I even splurged, buying a better seat instead of “whatever is cheapest.”

When I got to the theater, I saw they were filming and live streaming this performance. Part of me thought, “I spent all this money when I could have watched at home?” (Last year, I watched Roundabout’s She Loves Me via livestream, and it was enjoyable, although I wished I’d been able to get tickets.)


One of the cameras was just to my left.

The last show I saw was Hamilton at the end of August. I guess I’d forgotten that live musicals are such an invigorating experience. I LOVE them. They light me up, make me feel inspired and joyful, and that alone is more than worth the price and the time and trekking to the theater in the snow when I’ve had a long day.

Not only that, but I finished Project Stone Cold – FINALLY – and I hadn’t properly celebrated yet. So I took myself to a Broadway musical and I don’t feel guilty about it in the least.

Holiday Inn was a blast. Pinkham’s voice and humor, Bleu’s dancing and intense charm, LOUISE! the handyman played with scene-stealing mastery by Megan Lawrence, Lora Lee Gayer’s awkward and endearing heroine Linda Mason, and all the amazing dancers and tap numbers. “Shaking the Blues Away” had the audience screaming in awe and glee. I’m so glad I went, and I don’t want to wait four months again to see another show.

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