A to Z Challenge: X is for X-Men

Kitty Pryde, aka Shadowcat

Today is National Superhero Day, according to Twitter. I had already decided X-Men would be my topic for X, and since that’s today’s letter and I clearly don’t mind posting out of order, today you get two posts! (Don’t worry, this one is mostly photos.)

Storm, Jubilee, and Shadowcat at Flame Con 2015

 Even though I’m wearing a Wonder Woman t-shirt today, my favorite superhero is actually Kitty Pryde, aka Shadowcat.

Kitty Pryde

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Crafting Your Ideal Reader

doodle of ideal reader On today’s #storycrafter Twitter chat, Faye @Writerology led participants through the process of crafting our ideal readers – and responding to questions “in character.”

I’ll admit, I have reservations about RPing on Twitter. Mostly I think it will confuse other followers, so I answered in third person. But the process of creating your ideal client/customer/reader is important for anyone looking to promote a product or service, and I found the answers came easily. My ideal reader isn’t me exactly, but she’s similar to me. She is someone I’d be friends with, and indeed, someone very much like friends I already have.

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Wearing my metaphorical photographer hat

Sometimes I think being well-rounded is overrated.


I’m a member of the “gig economy,” which basically means I’m self-employed and have a lot of different jobs. But wearing so many hats gets exhausting after a while. I attended a networking event this week and had no idea how to introduce myself. Normally I don’t mind the “What do you do?” question at all, but this time I felt scattered. My friend asked what I wanted to network for, and I didn’t know. And when I pulled out one of my old business cards, I realized I definitely needed new ones. This of course leads to the next question: What exactly do I include on them? (Creative Consultant? Group Facilitator? Private tutor? Graphic designer? Illustrator? Photographer? Writer? Personal organizer? Personal assistant? Social media manager? Babysitter?)


Ask Deepak Chopra sign

2012 Meditation flash mob in Union Square, NYC

When I met Deepak Chopra last year, I got to ask him one question. I asked: “As a creative person who feels pulled between so many projects, how do I make progress on them?” He replied:

“Focus on the one most important thing…for now.”


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