The Dance Off Cast

Welcome to The Dance Off!

Season 14 brings together a star-studded collection of celebrities, featuring elite athletes, TV personalities, movie stars, and more, for a sizzling competition on the dance floor. Meet the cast and their dance partners below, along with The Dance Off’s judges and hosts.



Stone & Gina

Stone Nielson

Claim to Fame: Reality star

Stone stars on the popular reality show Living Wild, which follows the day to day life of the Nielson family living off the grid in the Alaskan wilderness. Among his six siblings, Stone is known as the “strong and silent” one.

Dance Partner: Gina Morales


Lauren & Kevin

Lauren D’Angelo

Claim to Fame: Olympic figure skater

Two-time Olympic figure skater for Team USA, Lauren D’Angelo is known for her boldness on the ice and her outspokenness with the press. Lauren has never won an Olympic medal, but will she win The Dance Off trophy?

Dance Partner: Kevin Ray


Jackson & Lori

Jackson Garcia

Claim to Fame: Actor

Jackson’s a star on the rise, achieving acclaim for his role as a vampire werewolf on the sexy network TV show, Bite Me. What people don’t know is that Jackson is also an accomplished singer.

Dance Partner: Lori Kim


Farrah & Danny

Farrah Zane

Claim to Fame: Actress/Singer

The youngest on the cast at nineteen, Farrah starred in the hit kid’s TV movie I Spy a Star, where she played a spy going undercover as a pop singer. Her first album will be out soon.

Dance Partner: Danny Johnson


Alan & Rhianne

Alan Thomas

Claim to Fame: Gold-medal winning Paralympian

Alan is a Team USA Paralympian athlete with three gold medals in Track and Field events. When he’s not training, he works with veterans.

Dance Partner: Rhianne Davis


Rick & Mila

Rick Carruthers

Claim to Fame: Singer

Rick’s music career has spanned decades as lead singer of the multi-platinum 80s hair band Carruthers & Co. He still tours, and runs a non-profit to support art and music programs in public schools.

Dance Partner: Mila Ivanova


Dwayne & Natasha

Dwayne Alonzo

Claim to Fame: Athlete

Fresh off a Super Bowl win, NFL star Dwayne Alonzo is known for his boldness and energy, as well as a few memorable sitcom cameos. Will his end zone victory dances translate to the ballroom?

Dance Partner: Natasha Diaz


Beto & Jess

Norberto “Beto” Velasquez

Claim to Fame: Reality star/Athlete/Millionaire

Argentinian millionaire Beto Velasquez was the latest star of Your Future Fiancé, a reality dating show. Before that, he had a successful sports career in polo and soccer, and now owns a high-end menswear fashion empire.

Dance Partner: Jess Davenport


Rose & Matteo

Rose Jeffers

Claim to Fame: Actress

Rose starred on The Lab, a hit TV show about teenage mad scientists that ran for many seasons in the 90s. She hasn’t acted much since then, but fans still remember her character fondly.

Dance Partner: Matteo Rossi


Twyla & Roman

Twyla Rhodes

Claim to Fame: Actress/Activist

Best known for her role as Queen Seraphina of the Elves in the blockbuster Elf Chronicles movies of the 1980s, Twyla has also worked as an activist for women’s rights. Perhaps she’ll confirm the rumors of an Elf Chronicles sequel…

Dance Partner: Roman Shvernik


Keiko & Joel

Keiko Simon

Claim to Fame: Swimsuit cover model

From the runways of Paris and New York to the covers of magazines, up and coming model Keiko Simon is emerging as the new face of fashion. Her parents, tech mogul Terry Simon and supermodel Miaka Kano, must be very proud.

Dance Partner: Joel Clarke



Chad Silver


A former club dancer, music video choreographer, and internationally-known drag queen, Chad is kept busy as a host and judge on many competition shows.


Mariah Valentino


Mariah is a pop singer and classically trained dancer who now works as a choreographer and judge.


Dimitri Kovalenko


Known for star turns in movies like Aliens Don’t Dance and choreographing various stage shows, Dimitri brings a critical eye and high standards to The Dance Off‘s judging table.


Melissa “Meli” Mendez


The Dance Off is lucky to have international superstar and singer/actress/mogul Meli appear as a guest judge this season.



Juan Carlos Perez, former teen hearthrob


Reggie Kong, celebrity stylist




Donna Alvarez, producer