Countdown to Dance with Me

Dance with Me, Book 2 in The Dance Off series, releases in three weeks!

I do have more stories planned for the characters from The Dance Off world, but no release dates yet. Hopefully next year! In the meantime, I’m having fun developing a new contemporary romance project and gearing up for Dance with Me‘s release on December 12th. As with Take the Lead, I’ve made a Dance with Me Spotify playlist based on what I listened to while I was writing the book and songs that inspired some of the scenes, and a Pinterest board for Dimitri and Natasha. Enjoy! And if you’ve started a playlist or board for Dance with Me, let me know!


A to Z Challenge: K is for Kinetic Energy

An object in motion stays in motion. But how do we go from the state of not-writing to writing? How do we build up the momentum to just start? 

Kinetic energy is the work needed to get something from a rest state to movement. In the process of acceleration, it gains energy that it will retain until the speed changes. Let’s apply this to writing.

Sometimes we take a break from writing. Slack off. Burn out. Get busy. Whatever it is, and whatever the reasoning, the result is the same: we get out of the habit of writing.  Continue reading

Shiny New Ideas and the Edge of the Comfort Zone

IMG_0185I have a Shiny New Idea. A few of them, actually. I’m allowing myself to jot down notes and brainstorm during idle moments, but I’m holding back from diving right in. I’m so close to being done with Venus and having it ready to query. The query and synopsis are just about done. The manuscript is just about polished. So of course I’m beset by a multitude of plot bunnies. Continue reading

A pep talk for writers #2

Bird By Bird by Anne LamottThis week I’m reading Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott. I have to share this gem from the section on dialogue:

“You write a sh**ty first draft of it and you sound it out, and you leave in those lines that ring true and take out the rest. I wish there were an easier, softer way, a shortcut, but this is the nature of most good writing: that you find out things as you go along. Then you go back and rewrite. Remember: no one is reading your first drafts.”

You can’t edit a blank page. And unlike real life, the lives and worlds we create with our words can be revised, edited, even completely rewritten. That’s part of the creative process. The biggest part, actually. A coworker once told me, “Writing is 10% first draft and 90% revision.” He probably got it from somewhere else, but 10 years later I still remember him sharing that in the break room, so I attribute it to him.

Takeaway: Get out of your own way, get the words down, then go back and fix them. You got this.

A pep talk for writers #1

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

This morning I read a passage in The War of Art by Steven Pressfield that I found helpful for where I am in my writing process. (I’m revising, and this week it feels especially daunting.)

“[A pro] understands that all creative endeavor is holy, but she doesn’t dwell on it. She knows if she thinks about that too much, it will paralyze her. So she concentrates on technique.”

Takeaway: Focus more on the technique, the craft, the practice of writing, and less on the end result, the masterpiece, the goal. Enjoy the journey. Write to be a better writer.

When the muse calls…

write-inCreativity is flow. For me, it comes through when I release resistance and clear out fear. As long as I’m worried about writing or drawing badly, I’m not creating. When I let go of the fear, I open to what comes. And sometimes, that leaves space for flashes of inspiration to appear.

Inspiration is great and all, but you can’t wait for it to strike. Typical writing advice will tell you that the best place to be when your muse hits is in front of your computer. (Or notebook, or whatever.) Confession: I haven’t spent a lot of time at my desk lately. Continue reading