Dance with Me

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Dance with Me (Dance Off #2)

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Natasha Díaz is having a day. She’s trying to prove she can make it as a professional dancer, but she’s overworked, out of cash, and her roommate has just moved out. When she comes home to find a hole in her ceiling and her bedroom flooded, she’s desperate enough to crash with the one guy she can’t quit. She accepts his offer with one condition: no sleeping together while she’s living with him.

Dimitri Kovalenko has never lived with a woman before. But when Tasha’s in need of a place to stay, he suggests she move in without a second thought. He accepts her condition, hoping she won’t stick to it. They’re good together, both in the ballroom and the bedroom. Since their first dance, she’s never been far from his thoughts. Sure, she’s a pro and he’s one of her show’s judges, but they’re not currently filming, so no one needs to know.

Living in close quarters shows Dimitri a side of Natasha he’s never seen before, and he likes it. A lot. Too bad she’s doing everything in her power to keep him at arm’s length. When an injury forces Natasha to take it easy or risk her ability to dance, it’s his chance to show her that the rules have changed, and she can trust him with her heart.

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 Praise for DANCE WITH ME

Yes, it’s an absolutely sizzling romance! But, at heart, it’s a book that explores creativity as a vibrant, personal, and urgent human activity… Dance with Me is another great book from Alexis Daria. You’ll fall in love with Dimitri and Natasha, and like me, you’ll be fervently hoping that there are more books coming soon from this talented author.

—JenReadsRomance, TBQ’s Book Palace Royal Pick

Despite the glamour of the show business setting, Daria focuses on the difficulty of pursuing a dream despite financial instability, which is especially intense in the world of dance, where a wrong step can result in career-ending injury. But dance also frees Dimitri and Natasha to enjoy their intense connection without fear and provides a way for them to become something more than their public personas. The passion Daria has for this world is palpable in every word of Dance with Me, and one hopes she has many more love stories to tell within it.


[Natasha and Dimitri’s story] wasn’t just about learning to accept love and to give love, it was also about taking risks in their professional lives as well…and finding their passion and following it… The true strength in this book lies in their adorable, if reluctant, romance. They were so sexy together, I LOVED the dancing scenes.

—Lenore, Celebrity Readers

Alexis Daria’s Dance with Me is as compulsively readable as her debut… She’s a star!

—Suleikha Snyder, author of Big Bad Wolf

I cannot wait to read more from this author, and based on this book alone, she’s going to keep on delivering solid romantic stories with interesting and complex characters.

—Geri, Dirty Girl Romance