Short Witchy Stories


Two people who’ve written off love and magic find a little of both on the longest night.

A 6,500-word Winter Solstice-themed short story

After inheriting her grandmother’s house in suburban Connecticut, Rina Minkin revives her witchy improv character to help pay for necessary home repairs. When Miguel Alvarez shows up at her front door with two kids in need of a Winter Solstice miracle, even cynical Rina can’t turn them away. And the longer she spends with them, the more she wants them to stick around.

Note: At the moment, these stories are only available to read on Radish Fiction while I consider how to compile and distribute these stories. I also plan to write more stories like these, deadlines permitting. Stay tuned, and make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter for updates!


Two people dreaming of love find their wishes granted on the longest day of the year.

An 8,000-word Summer Solstice-themed short story

Currently available to read in the print version of What the Hex

Emma Reyes has it bad for Logan Argento, the single dad next door. When he asks her to host his daughter’s witch-themed birthday party, Emma leaps at the chance to help. She’s been looking to shake up her usual Summer Solstice celebration, and this might be just what she needs. Because little does Logan know, Emma is a real witch pretending to be a regular person pretending to be a fake witch. Emma dreams of finding true love, but so far, her magical secret has made relationships impossible. Could Logan be the one to break her dry spell?

Solstice Dream by Alexis Daria

Illustrations by @hexette and @hindasavra