Celebration Post

This blog is due for an update! A lot of cool stuff has been going on, and I’m going to take a minute to celebrate, because I haven’t done enough of that. One of the things I’ve learned in the last couple months is to enjoy the big and small moments as they come. Give yourself a break for a little while to let it all soak in. You’re working hard, and you deserve to celebrate when you hit milestones. When people congratulate you and wish you well, receive the love.

On with the celebration!


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Writer Self Sabotage: Playing Small

deathtostock_notstock3Self-sabotage happens when we set a goal, then proceed to make choices that go directly against the accomplishment of that goal. With writing, self-sabotage can look like procrastinating when we’re supposed to be writing. Or it can look like refusing constructive feedback, or failing to do necessary research before a big decision. There are many ways to self-sabotage, but let’s talk about one of the less obvious ways we self-sabotage: playing small.

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Winter Solstice Short Story

Solstice Miracle cover by Alexis Daria

[Edit: You can read this story here, since the anthology is no longer available.]

This month I had the opportunity to submit a contemporary romance short story to the Wattpad anthology Winter’s Embrace. I chose to write a story that takes place on the Winter Solstice. Here’s the blurb for Solstice Miracle:

Two people who’ve written off love and magic find a little of both on the longest night.

After inheriting her grandmother’s house in suburban Connecticut, Rina Minkin revives her witchy improv character to help pay for necessary home repairs. When Miguel Alvarez shows up at her front door with two kids in need of a Winter Solstice miracle, even cynical Rina can’t turn them away. And the longer she spends with them, the more she wants them to stick around.

This was a fun piece to write, and I enjoyed designing the cover. I didn’t officially sign up for the anthology until I had some semblance of an idea, although my first idea is not the one I ended up writing. It’s been ages since I wrote something this short (it’s around 6500 words), and it was a challenge to include a strong character arc and a believable romance in such a short span. I plotted out three scene beats to get a solid beginning, middle, and end, and went for a sweet heat level.

Solstice Miracle is free to read, and you can find it here. Make sure to check out the other talented writers in the anthology, and Happy Winter Solstice!

October 2016 Writing Recap

Writing Recap pinkWhoa, I haven’t done a writing recap since July! It makes sense, though. I spent August and September struggling to revise Project Duke’s Underpants and Project Wolf Baby. During that time, I realized a couple key things: 1) I don’t want to work on a historical series right now, and 2) I need to rewrite Project Wolf Baby from the beginning.

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Writer FOMO: A Shift in Perspective

A lesson in focusing on the good things you have in front of you instead of longing for the thing that’s “over there,” and focusing on what you have done instead of the thing you didn’t do.

I didn’t attend the RWA national conference this summer in San Diego. I could have. I should have. And yet I didn’t. Mostly because I didn’t want to spend the money on an expensive conference and flight when I’m not yet published, and if I’d gone, I would have spent an extra week in SoCal visiting family members (and spending more money). It’s also partly because I mixed up the RWA and SDCC dates. In any case, I didn’t go to either event, and experienced serious FOMO as a result.

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July 2016 Writing Recap

Writing Recap pinkJuly was Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m usually less successful with the July session than April, due to vacations and such, but this year I stayed off airplanes and focused on writing. (I still managed some long weekends out of town, but I brought the laptop.) All in all, it was a highly productive month, and I even scheduled in a few days of downtime, to catch up on beta reading and not burn out.

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April Writing Recap

CNW_Winner_1500-1In order to track my progress, I like to do a writing recap at the end of every month. Here’s how I did in April.

Last month I undertook two writing challenges, Camp NaNoWriMo and the A to Z blog challenge. One of my goals this year is to blog more often. While I knew 26 posts in one month would be a stretch, I decided to see how far I got. By the end of April, I’d done 18 of the 26 letters and was pretty happy with my posts. I also found a number of other bloggers I liked interacting with, both on Twitter and in blog comments. I plan to write and post the remaining letters (P through W) in May.  

Camp NaNoWriMo presented a bigger problem. I couldn’t figure out what to work on. I usually do really well with writing during the April Camp NaNo session, but this year, it was one thing too many. I barely checked in with my cabin, and ended up counting 1,000 words for every day, to mark that I’d done something writing-related. So, in addition, to the blog posts, here are the projects I worked on:

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